The Leatherback Turtle

by Ryan Geoffrey

The Leather-back turtle otherwise known as Dermchelys Cariacea, named after their shell, which is leather like. They are the largest sea turtle species and also are the most migratory. They migrate across the Atlantic and and pacific oceans. Pacific Leather-backs migrate from resting beaches in the coral triangle to the California coast. in the California coast they feed on on jelly fish every summer and fall.

Although their wide distribution the number of Leather- back turtles have seriously declined during the last century as  a result of intense egg collection and fisheries. The Leather-back turtle is now critically in dangered.

the Leather-back turtle is actually very heavy! They weigh 600 to 500 pounds! They are also very tall they span from 55 to 63 in.  they also live in the ocean because they are sea turtles.

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Leather-back turtles are actually very useful. they are the fundamental link in marine ecosystems Leather-back turtles consume large numbers of jelly fish.

The leather-back turtles breading has been quite natural and has had little human touch. We have have almost no affect on their breeding.

Two subspecies have been described, the dermechelys coriacea schelegi, pacific leather back and dmochelys coriacea atlantic Leather-back.


They have long storage of oxygen in their muscles and blood. They also have collapsible lungs and pulmonary sphincter and a flexible shell. They also have a slow heart rate so they can dive to 100 meters below the water.

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