How obesity is affecting contemporary society?

The issue presented in the film super-size me is obesity, this issue is becoming a global epidemic. More than 14 billion people in today’s society currently live with obesity. Obesity is a major problem in our society as it is costing $147 billion related to medical care. Obesity is also affecting most individuals’ physical movement, which impairs them to perform normal and limits the individual to get involved in any form of physical activity. With today’s society people are being less active and gain more weight which can lead to problems associated with obesity.

Obesity can also affect today’s society socially, which affects the individual who has the issue by isolating themselves or even being discriminated by another individual. By the individual taking part in social isolation this can bring side effects emotionally and physically. Another is problem is today’s society is physiological, which effects the individual who has obesity by their quality of life and reduces benefits of exercise.

This society finds large food chains such as Mc Donald’s and burger king convenient has their meals are prepared and delivered fast. The reason for this is people don’t understand the benefits of eating good nutritious foods and home cooked meals. Fast food meals are made with sugars and preservatives which then makes the individual get addicted, healthy meals are made with fresh produce and provide your diet with the right intake of nutrients and calories.

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