White Tigers

There are many types of tigers

Basic Facts

White tigers are not considered albino

They are heavier than Bengal tigers at birth and adulthood

Still produces pigment


White tigers are distinct for the normal coloration in that they lack phenomelanin pigment. A white tiger's pale coloration is due to lack red and yellow pigments that normally produces the orange color. This had been long thought due to mutation in the gene of tyrosinase enzyme. A knockout mutation in this gene results albinism.


A Bengal tiger's stripes are alike to the white tiger's stripes although every tiger's stripe pattern are different like how we have different fingerprint designs. The different pattern helps identify the tiger like how we are identified by our fingerprints. A Bengal tiger might give birth to a white cub with chocolate brown stripes. A tiger's stripes appear in rings on the soft tail. White tiger cubs have a little chance that they will not survive if raised by a Bengal tiger.

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