K-12 Mobile Apps

Module 9: Personal Mobile Learning
EDU 210

Technology in the classroom is creating new ways for learning! Teachers are able to expand their lessons to the universal level, allowing them to reach all their students learning goals and needs. I have included 5 apps that I feel would be beneficial, and could play a important role in many classrooms.


What is it?

TapToTalk is a mobile app that has been designed "to give kids a voice" there are many students with communication restrictions such as Autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy. It uses pictures that parents and teachers can program with familiar phrases so students can communicate just by clicking on the image. Ive included the TapToTalk information video below:

(Video and Information Retrieved From: http://www.taptotalk.com/index.aspx)

How can it be used?

TapToTalk can be used for communication in the classroom, at home or anywhere the student needs to go, it is a app that can be downloaded onto many touch screen mobile devices, parents and teachers can custom program familiar images and phrases for students so they can independently communicate information and participate in many activities. This app reduces barriers for students with communication barriers, it allows them to express their knowledge and understanding and in turn provides independence and builds confidence.

iBooks Textbooks

What is it?

iBooks Textbook is a app designed by apple, which brings new characteristics to learning,  it is supported my many well known textbook publishers so students could have access to many textbooks required for their social science or english classes it contains videos, pictures, and readings, and can be accessed on their phone or iPad allowing them to access information anywhere.

How can it be used?

Students can download this app onto their personal apple devices and purchase the textbook required for their class, or purchase a similar text that holds information on topics presented in class. Teachers who have access to iPads in the classroom could also have them loaded with ibook textbooks and have it available for students to work with during class time. I think this app is beneficial to have in the classroom because it provides another learning resource for students. Some iPads also include text to talk functions where the device could read the book to the students if they have troubles with reading comprehension, and could be downloaded in versions in other languages to aid students who's native language isn't english allowing them to gather information through a way that works for their needs.

(Information on iBook textbook, and photo retrieved from :



What is it?

Remind101 is a text message app that allows teachers to send there students reminders of upcoming events, due dates, game times etc. Teachers sign up for Remind101 and build a profile, the site gives them a code and a contact number. Teachers can then give the code and number out to students in their classes, clubs, school teams or committee members. These students will then text the code to the contact number, they will then start to receive the texts the teacher sends out. e.g. "Remember project 1 is due tomorrow!" Students without access to a cell phone can still sign up through email and receive the same reminders.

How can we use it?

It is a great way to communicate with your students outside of the classroom, providing information and reminders of important events. It doesn't have to be just for students in the classroom, but teachers can also create accounts if the coach a school team (remind about practice) or if they advisors to student clubs (meeting at 3:30!). A lot of students will write things down or put things in there phone and then never look at it again, so a friendly reminder always helps, and we know students with cell phones never put them down :) Remind101 is also a one way text where students can't respond to, and texts are sent through a web site not to teachers personal phone, so students can gain access to the teachers personal information.


What is it?

StudyBlue is a app that is designed to create the modern day "flashcard" students and teachers can create flash cards with study information to their classes, and can be used in any classroom level (K-12 on to University)

What does it do?

StudyBlue is a make your own flashcard app, where students can use as a study guide in their courses, teachers can also use this app to create lessons for their classes, by creating pre made cards they can upload it on the smart soft where and present it as a class activity or review session. Teachers and students from any grade level can adjust the material to their needs.

Touchable Earth

What is it?

Touchable Earth is a app designed for students to learn about countries and cultures around the world. They can go for virtual tours of cities, and talk and listen to students from different countries and learn about these cultures, cities and people at a more realistic level. It takes learning to new levels.

What does it do?

It educates students about cultures, people and places around the world, through a realistic view. Takes away the textbook learning and allows for interacting and students can learn from other students from anywhere in the world.

(Information and Videos of StudyBlue and Touchable Earth retrieved from: TeachHub.com    http://www.teachhub.com/20-amazing-ipad-apps-educators)

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