Maddie's Adventures - Life of A Rescued Dog

Maddie became famous on the Web with her great adventures captured by the photographer Theron Humphrey. She is a rescue dog with a great ability to balance on things, a "professional" photo model and a true traveller. Since she became a member of her new family, the gorgeous doggy has spent most of her time cruising along on a motorcycle, driving with their off-roader, sailing or climbing mountains around US and the world. As a part of Maddie on Things project, she is now sharing her life in few amazing photos...

In The Morning...
A Fresh Start of The Day
Preparing for Adventures :)
Getting Dressed
The First Ride
Here and There
On The Road
Just Arrived
Let The Fun Begin
The Best Place on The Boat
In The End of The World
Preparing for The Night
Enjoining The Sunset Together
Good Night!
The Morning After...
Starting A New Trip
Safety First!
A Little Camping
A Short Break
Coming Back Home
These Rainy Days
Let's Take A Nap in This Cosy Place
And Another One...
Is It Still Raining?
Getting Better
I Dropped My Ball
A Winter Trip
It's Cold
On Holidays
So Shy
ZzzZzz... See You Again

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2 years ago

Fantastic photo session! It looks so casual and normal, like an everyday life. Not sure how much fun the dog had, while posing for the photographs, but the end result it appears like the photogenic Labrador. 😆 😃

2 years ago

Amazing photos! Just check out how doge's composing its B-day wish <3

2 years ago

love it

2 years ago

I enjoyed meeting Maddie, thank you.