STAT Sharing Session: A Place to Learn, Share, and Reflect
Featured Teachers: Kristie Porter and
Ashley Lippenholz

Let's learn about Discovery Education Board Builder and how to assign a board to your students!

Let's journey into 2 classrooms today: Mrs. Porter's reading class and Mrs. Lippenholz's math class.  Both teachers decided to flip their students' learning by using Discovery Education Board Builder.  The link to Discovery Ed can be found through the intranet's digital database or  Both students and teachers must be logged on BCPSone to access this site.  Discovery Education is an awesome one stop shop to find videos and tutorials on any subject matter, any grade. It is like Safari Montage but much more comprehensive and user friendly.  Board Builder is a tool within Discovery Education to collect media, links, and text to share with your students or for students to create on their own as a project based learning activity.  You can add media from Discovery Ed's library or upload resources and attach links from other websites.


There are two ways to "assign" or share boards with your class.  The first way is to get a shareable link from Discovery Education to place on the student drive.  After you have created your cloud based board, it will be automatically saved in "my content".  To get a shareable link, go to your content.  Next click the "action" tab then "share" and copy your link onto the student drive. Once clicking on the link, your students will be prompted to log into BCPSone in order to view the board. This is how Kristie shared with her students.

Mrs. Porter's class is finishing up the novel "Hatchet".  Using Board Builder, Kristie collected fact based videos of various animals the main character comes into contact with throughout the story.  After viewing the videos on the board and collecting information about the animal's behavior, the students were to re-write an event from the novel in the animal's point of view. The students had choice in typing their response or using paper and pencil. This is a link to her board:

The second way to share your board is to again use a shareable link from Discovery Education.  However, instead of placing it on the student drive, you can assign it as an activity for your students to access in BCPSone.  To assign activities through lesson tiles, the teacher must go into their BCPSone class they wish to assign the activity to.  "Lessons" will be an option on your left tool bar.  The week's calendar will be the main page in "lessons" and you will see an option to "add activities".  Click "add activities" and you will be prompted to choose the students you wish to assign the activity to.  Next, a menu will appear where you can choose where you will add the activity from.  Choose "my links" and copy the link here.  The students now can log into BCPSone, go to their class, then "lessons" where they will find the day's activity or "tile".  This is how Ashley shared.

Mrs. Lippenholz used Board Builder for her students to explore video tutorials on integers.  As they viewed the videos independently, they wrote down new learning or questions they had.  This is a link to her board:

How do I get started with Discovery Ed?

In Discovery Education, there is a search bar at the top.  This is just like a google search, the more specific you are, the better.  However, you can narrow down your search results on the left- by grade level, media type, etc.  Once you find a video you like, you can add it to your content by clicking the drop down arrow then "add to my content".  It is strongly encouraged to name and organize your folders and sub-folders in a way that makes it easy for you. Once the video is in your content, it is saved for future use.

How do I make a Board?

Next to "my content" there is "builder tools".  Hover over this then click "board builder".  Next choose an existing template or a blank one.  You are now ready to start adding resources and text.  You can also upload content form outside sources- such as a word document or picture.  In the text box, there is also the ability to copy a link to another site- like Padlet.   

All boards are cloud based and will be saved automatically in "my content".  When you are ready to share, go back to "my content" where it is saved, click "actions" where a drop down will appear and then "share".  Copy and paste the link provided!

Let's Reflect!

What do you think about using Board Builder or lesson tiles with your class?  Can you think of how Board Builder can enhance some lessons in your curriculum next year?