Solar Eclipse

Earth's Seasons/Eclipses

For this #TackkThursday, you will ADD on to your previous #RockinReview Tackk.  The things that need to be represented and/or answered are below.  

1.  You must add a headline for your new topic.

2.  Read the article (see button below)

3.  Explain who Copernicus was.

4.  Why do we have seasons?  

5.  In winter, the sun is closer to Earth, why isn't it warmer?

6.  Explain how come there aren't lunar eclipses every month.

7.  Find a picture showing the causes of eclipses.

8.  Explain how come we have day/night.

9.  Find a picture of a model of why we have day and night.

10.  Define equinox and solstice

11.  Add the hashtag #eclipses