Don Pedro
By: Kent Sadler


In the play "Much Ado about Nothing" Don Pedro, Prince of Aragon plays a powerful role as he is the most respected man out of all the characters. Because Don Pedro is known  as such a chivalrous man, his motives are to play as a matchmaker. For example, "My love is thine to teach: teach it but how, And thou shalt see how apt it is to learn...". He wants to spread his knowledge of love to other people, people like Beatrice and Benedick so they may appreciate it as much as he does. Even though Don Pedro does not find love in the story I believe that is because he is so selfless that his only motivations are to help other people."By my troth, I speak my thought". As always, Don Pedro only wants to do good and help other people with his truthful advice.


From the beginning of the play, Don Pedro is known as the chivalrous man in charge but as the story develops he becomes more known as the matchmaker. Don Pedro is a wise and intelligent character, and in the story he uses these attributes to discover a disguised lust between Beatrice and Benedict. "My love is thine to teach: teach it but how, And thou shalt see how apt it is to learn...". During the story, Don Pedro becomes sort of a mentor for Claudio as he falls in love with Hero, he wants to teach him his knowledge of love. My favorite part of the story was when Don Pedro makes a covert plan to set up Benedick and Beatrice and they fall in love immediately, this shows how knowledgeable of a mentor and matchmaker Don Pedro really is. The reason he does not change much throughout the story is because he is already content with himself and only wishes to be selfless and aid other people in their struggles.

Don Pedro's Impact
on Plot & Theme

Don Pedro plays a significant role in "Much  Ado about Nothing" because he is the leading cause of why Beatrice and Benedick fall in love and why Hero and Claudio decide to get married. Without these two major causes in the play the outcomes and effects of the story would be significantly different. Even though he does not have a love for himself, Don Pedro is the outstanding figure of love throughout the story because he distributes his knowledge of it selflessly. He is so invested into bringing happiness to other people that he does not thing of himself. If Don Pedro was absent from this play, the story would be missing crucial parts such as a protagonist, and a lead figure.  

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