The Fault In Our Stars

The Fault In Our Stars is a novel that will send you through every emotion that you have. It will make you cry & laugh then want to watch it again or read it again a million times. It is not the kind of sad that makes you not want to watch it again but it is the kind that means something to you. It literally changes you as a person & makes you see life in such different ways. I love this movie & book so much because it has everything in it.

In some ways I wish I could be a lot more like Hazel. Of course I do not want cancer or to be sick, but she is the strongest non fictional character I know. She is just perfect because even though she knows she is dying & is in a way depressed, she is happy a lot in this book/movie. She laughs & smiles & talks like any normal teenager. She goes to the mall & on dates with her boyfriend. The only difference is she has cancer, & could if you think about die at any given moment.

There are a few chapters in the book where Hazel & Augustus go to Amsterdam to meet there favorite author. Peter Van Houten. They both loved him so much because w he wrote their favorite novel called "An Imperial Affliction." When they got to Peter's house he was horribly mean & a terrible person. He even said to Augustus "Has the cancer found its way to your brain?" When they left his house they went to the Anne Frank House and she went up all of the stairs alone. She was struggling so much but she did not give up. She took many breaks and stopped many times but she kept going no matter how out of breathe she was. When she was finally done, she took a deep breathe & sat down.

This is exactly what Augustus says to Hazel at the restaurant in Amsterdam The restaurant  was called Orjanjee. It was a beautiful nice place with extremely expensive foods and desserts from heaven .The two of them were just talking & Augustus looked at her and said this. It is in my opinion the most beautiful quote said in this whole move. It shows who Gus is & how much he pays attention to Hazel. You can tell he really means everything he is saying by the way his voice sounds when he says it.

This is the one of the best scenes in the whole book because it is the day after Hazel & Augustus met Peter Van Houten. The next day Augustus asked Hazel if they can have some alone time. They walked to some bench in Amsterdam where he told her he had cancer again. He said "I went it for a pet scan & it lit up like a Christmas tree, all over my chest, liver, just everywhere." Hazel just melted into him crying & he stared crying as well. "Are you in pain?" she said. "No." He then said something like "Would it be completely insane if we just made out, right now?" Probably she responded. This picture was right after they got done kissing.

I love this scene because it is the love that Hazel & Augustus share in like 2 minutes & it is beautiful. There is no other way to describe it. This scene is perfectly sad in every way. Hazel is at Augustus's pre-funeral because he said he wanted to attend his own funeral & not just as a ghost. The eulogy that Hazel reads is just perfect in every way. I don't know how someone can, not cry while watching that part of the movie.

The first map is a map of where Hazel & Augustus went together on Amsterdam & the second map is the great american John Green road trip.

This is where it all started, where Augustus Waters, & Hazel Grace Lancaster met. He first saw her when he walked into support group & bumped into her, then ran into the door. He was staring at her throughout the entire support group meeting. When it was over Hazel was waiting outside for her mom while Augustus walked up to her and started talking to her. They hit it off pretty well, he called her beautiful & said they should go watch a movie together. He then pulled out a cigarette & put it in this mouth. Hazel started going off on him & then he said he never lit one & it was a metaphor. He puts the killing thing in his mouth but does not give it the power to kill him.

This is when they talked on the phone until 1 in the morning just talking about An Imperial Affliction & more.

Okay will be there always. They got that from when their friend Isaac when he was dating a girl named Monica. They would always say "always" to each other.

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