Dominican Republic Culture

Michaela Kulikowski

Dominican Republic Housing

This is the housing on the west side of the country.

Preparing the food

People in the Dominican Republic live a very simple life.


This is one of the types of food that they eat, and it is called Chicharron. It is just fried pork rinds.


These are men and women in their traditional dress.

Traditional Instruments

This instrument is called an accordion, and it has a unique sound. This particular instrument has a keyboard, buttons, and bellows.


These are some people that are enjoyig their everyday life. Their population is 10,056,181. There language is mainly Spanish.


The Domincan Republic has lots of beaches and this is one of them at Island of Natural Treasures.


In the Dominican Republic they have a dance called the Merengue. Rafael Trujillio made the official music and dance of the Dominican Reublic song and dance, Merengue.


The official religion of the Dominican Republic is Roman Catholic, but the Constitution provides freedom of worships and the Government respects your choice of religion.

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