Eastern Nigeria

They receive lots of rain.  Swamps line the coasts, and it has oil deposits.

Igbo is the largest ethnic group here.  They settled here thousands of years ago.  The majority of Nigerians here speak English

The people here live in houses made of mud bricks with metal roofs.  The houses are on stilts because of the swampy area.  They have to paddle canoes to their homes, and then use ladders to access them.  They wear colorful cloths.  They make masks.

Oil is the main economic activity here.  The people's wealth comes from selling oil.

In the cities, the people work in factories, offices, as teachers, engineers, and doctors.

Northern Nigeria

Northern Nigeria has high, flat plains, and grass and thorn trees.

The main ethic groups are Hausa and Fulani.  In Northern Nigeria, they have kingdoms that started out as villages.

There is a hot climate.  In the city, homes have flat roofs.  In the country, there are round homes made out of reeds, pal leaves, or anything that provides shelter from the sun.  The people wear loose clothes, baggy cotton pants, robes, hats (called 'fez'), and cloth headdresses.

People in Northern Nigeria are farmers and herders.  They grow corn a and millet, which they sell in market.  They also sell cloth and leather.

Western Nigeria

There are lots of savannas in Western Nigeria.  Half of the Nigerians who live here, live in cities.

Yoruba is the largest ethnic group in Western Nigeria...many people here are Christians.  These people used to live in kingdoms, which were once villages.  Each one has a king and a dialect.

They live in one-story houses/apartments.  The poor people live in shacks, which are clustered on the outskirts of cities.  These houses are made out o scrap wood, metal, and cardboard.  They have shantytowns in Western Nigeria, which lack electricity, running water, and garbage service.  In the countryside, the houses are built out of mud bricks with either a tin or iron roof.  The people wear colorful cloth and beadwork.  They have wood masks and kings.  Bronze/clay statues and drums are also important to you.

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