District 30 Tech Night 2015

Digging into Technology

Soap Project 7th Grade Science

Learning Management System: Schoology

Schoology gives students one place to go for all resources. It helps students stay organized, allows them to hand in assignments and receive feedback from teachers.

Narrated Slideshow/Screencasts

Students can use multiple apps to narrate their work and ideas.  This allows teachers to hear and see a snapshot of the students thinking in real time and in their own voice. Teachers have used this in various subject areas to assess prior knowledge, as quick-checks to guide lessons and as final assessments.  

5th Grader describing the rotation of the earth.

Below 1st graders were learning about shapes; they recorded themselves explaining their products using Educreations.

1st Graders observing and measuring their plants.

Google Apps for Education

Digital Reading

Creation Apps

Power of Videos

Snapshot of Student Progress

Final Products of Student Work

Digital Citizenship