Top Ten Soccer Shoes of All Time

At number 10

Adidas F50 AdiZero MiCoach       

Weight: 6.6oz
Released: 2011
Highlight: The first boot released with the ability to track player performance.

adidas has worked on improving the overall performance of the F50 series, while creating a cavity in the sole where a SPEED_CELL performance tracking chip calls home. It is a bold move but one that many players have been looking for as boots take on a more advanced role in a players game. The boots are very comfortable to wear and they feature a SprintFrame soleplate that Adidas has been comfortable enough to adopt through their current entire range.These were one of Lionel Messi's signature boots

At number 9

Puma V1.10 SL

Weight: 5.3oz

Released: 2010

Highlight: As per the title, Super Lightweight. The lightest boot to hit the market.

Puma hold the lightweight record thanks to their V1.10 SL release from 2010. What makes this release so unusual is that the V1.10 features a box toe, while the SL version had a more rounded design. As a result, they provided a completely different level of performance and paved the way for Puma to change the design of the V1.12. What made these so light? Puma used an ultra thin premium microfiber upper and one piece of pebax with a carbon fiber inset to minimize weight and increase stability.

At number 8

Adidas adiPure IV

Weight: 9.8oz
Released: 2010

You might be surprised to see that the only boot in the adiPure range to be on this list is the adiPure IV, and it is for good reason. Every boot in the adiPure range has been crafted with tradition in mind. But only the fourth installment has actually lived up to the potential we expect. Comfort has always been a main staple of the adiPure range and what sets this boot apart from others was a new neoprene pad system around the heel area. It allowed the boot to mimic the shape of your heel, providing great fit.

At number 7

Nike Tiempo Premier 94

Weight: 11.4oz
Released: 1994
Highlight:Was worn by Romario & Paolo Mldini

During the 94 World Cup final, both Romario, who led Brazil, and Italy's Paolo Maldini sported the adored  Nike Tiempo Premier, giving you some idea of the calibre (degree of merit or excellence; quality) this boot holds. A super soft K-leather upper featured a fantastic vamp stitching pattern and a retro fold-over tongue gave them an unmistakable look. This is the boot that lays claim to the evolution of the entire Tiempo range. Because of the boots popularity, Nike re-released an updated version in 2009, which also sold out incredibly quickly. And the re-re make came out this year

At number 6

Adidas adiPower Predator

Weight: 7.8oz

Released: 2011

Highlight: The Predator that featured silicon rubber and 3D fins on the Predator Element for power and control.

Outside of the whole Power element of this boot, adidas shifted to a whole new dynamic - lightweight! Weighing in at 7.8oz, it is hard to comprehend this boot still sits in the power category, but it does. adidas has managed to shave some weight in the soleplate by using a new PowerSpine design and through the upper, where they have used a Taurus leather. Taurus is not quite as soft as K-leather, but it still molds to your feet excellently. When it comes to the Predator Element, you will notice there are three different colored regions: Blue, Yellow and Black. As you move from the lowest blue region, through the yellow and to the top, the 3D fins on each section is gradually raised from the boot. It creates a solid and very smooth strike zone. Ultimately, adidas has pulled off lightweight with power on this release

At number 5

Adidas Predator Accelerator

Released: 1998

Highlight: A true power boot that lit up the 1998 World Cup. Probably the most popular Predator boot released.

I can’t help but admit that these boots were my favorite Predators ever released               ( considering I'm a Nike person). They are not light and the technology isn't too impressive , but when they hit the market they were truly revolutionary and a real power boot. The Predator Zone was composed  behind shots. The Accelerator was the boot released by adidas for the 1998 World Cup in France. At the time, Zinedine Zidane and David Beckham were the lead players showcasing the boot.

At number 4

Nike Mercurial Vapor III Weight: 7.1oz

Released: 2006
Highlight: A lightweight boot that propelled the Vapor series to a whole new level.

Created using a new revolutionary teijin synthetic upper, the Vapor III proved to be the stepping stone for the Vapor series, allowing Nike to produce a boot with superior ball feel, control and strike in a lightweight package. Nike also introduced their new ‘Speed Last’, which was designed to contour the anatomic curves of the foot for added comfort and maximum speed advantage. Pretty ideal characteristics for the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, a player who was centerpiece of the release and played some sensational soccer while wearing them. Had it not been for some durability issues with the upper, this boot could surely have ranked even higher, yet they still sit as one of the best Vapor releases to date

At number 3

adidas Copa Mundial

Weight: 11.4oz

Released: 1979
Highlight: You can’t beat simple class, something that this 30+ year old range has continually proven.

How can this 1979 classic not be included on the list considering they are still one of the top selling boots on the market and have undergone very minimal updates? On release, the Copa Mundial was seen to be a boot ahead of its time and that has proven to be a very accurate assessment. Beckenbauer, Baresi and Michel Platini are just a few of the top players who have worn the range along with millions of amateur players around the world. Since 2001, the Copa Mundial has ranked as the one of the top selling boots of all time. Amazingly, there is nothing complicated about these boots. It is a signature K-leather and minimal soleplate that proves to be the perfect simple combination that players over 30 years have sworn by.

At number 2

Nike CTR360 Maestri II

Weight: 9.2oz

Released: 2010
Highlight: A boot that helps when it comes to control, while allowing players to receive and distribute passes with ease.

You might be surprised to see the CTR360 II so high on this list and listed instead of the CTR360 III. First off the third edition is a wonderful boot, but it didn't prove its value on the market . But the second version was a boot that seemed to be ever existent on the market, with that Challenge Red colorway flashing before me each time I blink my eyes! Nike’s goal with this release was to create a boot that mastered control while allowing players to receive and distribute passes with ease. They were successful! The black region on the instep and the smaller red zone make up the pass and receive pads. The black zone is designed to improve control. Similar to the TPU fins seen on the T90 Laser III, it is designed to improve control by dampening the ball as it hits the surface of your foot. And even though this boot is marketted as the perfect playmaker boot (which they are) they easily double for different style players right across the pitch thanks to their level of comfort.

At number 1

adidas Predator LZ

Weight: 8.0oz
Released: 2012
Highlight: A boot that features 5 Lethal Zones, designed to improve ball handling, control and feel.

Top spot on the list goes to the latest installment of the Predator range simply because they are the best all round performing boot ever released. In a crazy twist. I wouldn’t actually rate this boot as the best Predator ever released. The Predator range has always represented Power, but adidas has made a dramatic shift that makes the LZ more of a control hybrid. Each of the 5 performance areas that sit across the upper has been strategically positioned to help improve ball control, handling and feel for increased precision and accuracy with every touch. The five zones include: First Touch, Dribble, Sweet Spot, Drive and Pass - each serve a very valid purpose and it is down to the individual player to find the ones that work best for them. They are comfortable, offer a glorious fit thanks to their hybridtouch upper, provide solid traction, have just enough technology to continually entertain your senses without overload

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