Frankenstein Vocabulary

Greyson Huneycutt

Obsession: The domination of one's thoughts or feelings by persistent idea, image, or desire.

Sentence: The princess had an obsession of candy, she would eat it all day long.

Example: Candy.

Synonym: Addiction

Antonym: Hatred  

Agitate: To move or force into violent, irregular action.

Sentence: The boy obviously wanted to agitate the girl with his poking because she has already told him to stop before she slaps him.

Example: poking non-stop

Synonym: upset

Antonym: calm

Toiled: Hard and continuous work; exhausting labor or effort.

Sentence: Lawyers toil through everyday with all the work they have.

Examples: Piles of essay pappers.

Synonym: Work hard

Antonym: Relax

Grotesque: odd or unnatural in shape, appearance, or character, fantastically ugly or absurd; bizarre.

Sentence: The tree had a very grotesque shape.

Examples: A twisted branch

synonym:  Twisted


Feverish: excited, restless, or uncontrolled, as if from fever.

Sentence: She seemed very feverish about the ride her friend and her were about to get on.

Examples: Excited girl.

Synonym: hectic

antonym:  chilled

Convulsive: of the nature of or characterized by convulsions or spasms.

Sentence: He was acting very convulsive towards me.

Example: A jerky person

Synonym: Jerky

Antonym: Peace

Devoured: to consume destructively, recklessly.

Sentence: After gymnastic practice I devoured the food that was within my pantry.

Example: I eat my food very quickly when I'm starving.

Synonym: eat hungrily

Antonym:  Save

Anatomy: the science of dealing with in the structure of animals, humans, and plants.

Sentence: I was learning about the frogs anatomy in science class.

Example: the frogs body was weird.

Synonym: body structure

Antonym: connection

Gnarled: having a rugged, weather-beaten appearance

Sentence: The rug had a gnarl look towards it.

Example: old rugs.

Synonym: old

Antonym: youth

Shunned: to keep away from because of dislike or caution.

Sentence: I don't like Charlie so every time he tries to talk to me i shun him.

Example: Turn away from someone you don't want to talk to.

Synonym: avoid

Antonym: welcome

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