The Best Time Ever!

Kaylyn T.

I love the sound of rustling leaves of colors of Red, Orange, and Gold that are finding their way home. The noise of the dads screaming at the top of their lungs, TOUCH DOWN!!!!!!!!!! The wonderful crisp smell of Apple Cider on a frosty day. Fresh dew dripping on pointy green grass and, when you walk on it, makes a path of feet.

Pumpkins with bright candles and mini creatures in it, looking at you like they want to eat you. Candy Corn being chomped down by mini creatures of all kind. Horses racing across the meadows, like stars dancing in the moonlight.

Going to the colorful pumpkin patch and the smell of kettle corn being drizzled in sweet sauce. Hay rides flinging us side to side, and up and down. And Millions of tiny shreds of hay coming out. Like a piƱata filled with confetti.

Fun festivals filled with bright colors and funny people dancing around you just start bursting out laughing. All to celebrate this amazing time of year.