K-12 m-Learning Options
Great mobile apps for K-12

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What is it? A free app that is compatible with iOS and Android. The app can create flashcards and practice tests. The flashcards can include images and embedded audio or video. You can upgrade to gFlashPro for $3.99. This upgrade can be used to create multiple choice tests and trivia questions.

How can it be used? It can be used to study for a test. For example, a teacher could make flashcards that label the different parts of the human body. Students could then use the flashcards to study for an anatomy test.

Socrative Student & Socrative Teacher

What is it? These free apps allow students to play educational activities with the entire class. The most popular activities are as follows: multiple choice, short answer questions, import questions, quick quiz, space race, and exit tickets. The teacher runs the activity on a computer and the results of the activity are visible on the main screen. The teacher gets feedback as to how well the students know the material. The apps are accessible on a laptop, an Android, an iPhone, and an iPod Touch.

How can it be used? A biology teacher could use the Socrative Teacher app to make a multiple choice test on genetics. The students can use the Socrative Student app to answer the questions. If it appears that a lot of students do not understand the content, based on the results, the teacher can review the difficult material.

Educreation Whiteboard

What is it? It is a free app that changes your iPad into a recordable whiteboard. Students and teachers can easily create video tutorials.

How can it be used? A teacher could use this app to make a video that explains how to use a math formula. Students could then play the video outside of class if they forget the explanation. A teacher could also use this app by asking students to make a video tutorial on a particular subject, such as a math equation. Based on the video the teacher could evaluate the students' comprehension.


What is it? A fantastic, flexible note-taker. It costs $1.99. This app is capable of word processing, handling your handwriting, and annotating PDF handouts. This app can also synchronize data to a service like Google Drive and record audio as you write.

How can it be used? Students can use this app to capture and share ideas, and organize and present information.


What is it? It is an app that costs only $0.99. It may be the best voice recorder, for it has autosave and can be paused and edited afterwards.

How can it be used? Students could use this app to record their classes and play the tapings back when studying for a test or for clarification. This app is especially useful for auditory learners.

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