4th Quarter Scrapesbook


As a result of our tree planting session, I've learned a few key things aibout trees. I never knew that trees "seal, not heal". I always just assumed that like other plants and us, they healed over time. I also learned about the specifics of mulch at the root of the tree. I always see mulch near trees, but I didn't know that it could also destroy the tree by suffocating it. Again, I assumed that the trees were always fine as that's just what landscapers do.  Even though our quick lesson wasn't particularly long, I really do feel that I learned a significant amount as I only knew the general things.

I honestly don't believe I will be applying the skills I learned in the near future. If trees come up in conversation, or if I see my family doing something poorly with our trees, then of course I will say something with the knowledge I now have. I will not actively seek out to aid trees, however, even though I probably should.

In my adult life, I know that I'll be dealing with trees eventually, so when the time comes, the knowledge will be applied. I'm excited to apply the things I learned, but again, I don't see it in the near future.

Down by the Crick

This past april, our Environmental Science class went to examine the water quality and invertebrates in a local Chicago river. On this trip, we were able to capture invertebrates, take a hike, and even eat Portilloes after. The break from everyday technology was nice and it was really cool to learn about the different things in a stream. The nature walk was relaxing and just talking with my friends looking for objects in the woods was almost serene. Later, when we were drawing nature, though I can't draw to save my life, I really began to appreciate nature more by looking at the fine details that I would normally just pass by. The intricacy and patterns of it all is simply amazing.

Thank you for the trip to the creek. Even though I learned a lot about the invertebrates like Crayfish, I also learned how to appreciate nature. As such, I will definitely  encourage my friends that weren't lucky enough to go on this trip to do something sinilar.

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2 years ago

Cricks are awesome, aren't they!?! I'm glad you have a deeper appreciation for nature. Thanks foe a great year, T.J.!! 50/50