Seiko Sportura Kinetic Watches - A Symbol of Strength and Robustness

The Seiko Sportura belongs right up there with the big boys! It is a line of watches that has five decades of experience behind. These are built to withstand rough usage, especially in field games. Or, in just any kind of extreme sports. Sportura is divided under several sub-categories; from big-calendar chronographs (sports-timing watches) to the Kinetic Direct Drive. It’s a range for sportsmen (and women) that also fit their daily need. Ladies who had been thinking about trying out mechanical watches might give the Sportura a try.

The Fall 2013 collection from Seiko introduced some new Sportura designs, this time, also for women. These got attractive designs, fresh touches and initiated some trendsetting styles that interested up-scale fashionistas in the following seasons. Two of these were for men and the FC Barcelona 2013 team supported their Fall campaigns, thus celebrating their 3rd year with Seiko, their official watchmaker. Sportura embodies the passion, speed and precision of extreme sports and speaks volumes on Seiko’s long experience and expertise in split-time measurements.

Their designing and technology of chronographs is perhaps the best in the world. Else, it wouldn’t be truly worthy of the best soccer team in the world. Their strength, elegance and unique look are unparallel to any other sporty, stylish timepiece around. The Sportura chronographs are thus unique and interesting for their tough and unburstable quality and the power to ignore just any kind of beating. It makes them an epitome of durability, reliability and precision.

For men, there are sleek, black ion-finished, sumptuously gold-accented pieces with impactful dials. On the other hand, there are casual-/cool-looking Seiko premier, offering high-end twists to the classic sports look. These are designed to be worn throughout the day; that grants you some extra freedom.

For women, Seiko built something as strong and robust as the ambassadors; the US Women’s Soccer Goalkeeper and Olympic Champion Hope Solo and Darya Klishina, the Gold winner at IAAF World Youth Championships.

For men, Sportura comes in the following calibers:

i. Big Calendar Chronograph (cal. 7T04) – 4 variants
ii. Alarm Chronograph (cal. 7T62) – 3 variants.
iii. Kinetic Direct Drive (cal. 5D22) - 3 variants.
iv. Kinetic GMT (cal. 5M85) - 3 variants.
v. Kinetic Perpetual (cal. 7D48) - 3 variants.
vi. Kinetic Diver's (cal. 5M62) – 2 variants.

For women, there are the 4R38 Automatic (3 design variants) and the 7T92 Seiko chronograph watches (6 designs to choose from). They combine strength and beauty in an equal proportion, turning rigors of precision timing into aesthetic pleasures. These Sportura designs lend themselves with an easy grace that doesn’t restrict normal flow of actions. Clear from their refined looks, it’s performance and elegance combined together in steel, ceramic, mother of pearl, diamonds and high-grade leather for a spectacular show.