K-12 M-learning Options

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What is this? Study Plan is a google play app that measures how much studying a student does per day, week, month, on specific subjects.

How can it be used? Study Plan can be used for students who want to improve the amount of time that they use to study specific subjects. It can be used to measure a students progress for their study habits, and it can also be used to see how much time students study a specific subject. It could also be used to give students time limits on other activities that may be impeding their study time, such as TV or Video Games. For example a student could log how much time they spend studying for Social Studies, Math and Chemistry.


What is this? Socrative Student is a student response system that a teacher could use in the classroom. It allows teachers to ask a question through their laptop or computer and. The students receive the question on their smartphone and answer the question. It allows the teacher to receive the input and go through the question in class.

How can it be used? Socrative Student can be used to have a teacher go through important material in a question and answer format to ensure that the students understand the material before the exam. It shows the teacher what material should be reviewed and what material is known by the students. Their are multiple formats that can be used as well, so for example a Social Studies teacher could use it for review in Canadian Geography before an exam.


What is it? iOcean Interactive is an application that provides an interactive view of the worlds oceans and marine ecosystems.

How can it be used? iOcean Interactive can be used to give students a hand on experience with looking at the world's marine ecosystems. A Biology teacher can use this application to help students understand the depth of fish and other life that lives in this areas.


What is it? Audioboo is an application for mobile devices, as well as a website that allows students to record audio and upload it onto the internet.

How can it be used? Audioboo could be used as a part of a Social Studies project where students explore the history of a country. They could take the viewer on a virtual tour of that country, exploring different aspects of that country.


What is it? History App Explorers is Google play app that allows students an opportunity to learn about famous explorers in history.

How can it be used? It can be used for Social Studies teachers to give the students an interactive look at explorers from around the world. It gives the students hidden facts, and quizzes them on the explorers, from Christopher Columbus to Neil Armstrong, and explorer in a non traditional way.

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