They are the the most violet wind source in the world. They need warm, moist air to form, like thunderstorms. Some of the tornadoes are formed by the dry lines that separate the warm and cold air masses. Another way that a tornado form is that there is warm rising air, and cool sinking air meeting it. These 2 air masses have to be moving at different speeds. That is how you get the spinning funnel cloud, that may be a tornado later. The clouds you will see are cumulonimbus and cumulonimbus. But a funnel cloud is only tornado if it touches the ground. That funnel cloud is made out of rotating air and water droplets. The sky may develop a greenish hue when a tornado is about to strike. Tornadoes may be a funnel, or slender and rope like. some can be smoky and churning. Usually a tornado starts off as a white or gray cloud but if it stays around for a while, the dirt and debris it sucks up eventually turns it into black one. Usually, a tornado‚Äôs color matches the color of the ground.    

Historical Event

Barneveld: it was completely destroyed. That year the tiny village of Barneveld, 30 miles west of Madison, was ravaged by a tornado stronger than the one that struck Joplin. The Joplin tornado packed winds of 200 mph, while the Barneveld storm sustained winds of more than 300 mph. Nine in Barneveld were killed and 200 others injured.Some debris ended up in Green Bay.



Injuries: 197

Cost of damage: $25,000,000

Tornado path length: 36 miles

Tornado intensity: F5

Time: 12:41 AM - 1:40 AM

Joplin: On May 22, 2011 the city of Joplin, Missouri was impacted by a tornado. about 7,000 homes were destroyed. This tornado was a supercell tornado


Deaths: 158

Injuries: Over 1,000

Cost of Damage:

Tornado intensity: F5

Tornado path length: 22.1 mi

Time: N/A

Fun Facts

--You can go in a basement/ bathroom

-- We have tornado watches/warnings

-- We know how to pack up supplies

-- We have cars so we can evacuate the area if needed

We learned to deal with it..........

-- A Tornado can sometimes hop along its path. It can destroy one house and leave the next one completely untouched.

-- Fujita Scale-F0-73- Under F1-73-112 F2-113-157 F3-158-206 F4-207-260 F5-216-318

-- A supercell tornado is the most dangerous type They can produce lightning, hail, flash flooding, heavy rain, and straight line winds.

-- Waterspouts- tornadoes that form over a body of water

-- Damage path s can be 1-50 miles wide

-- Tornado watches cover 140-200 mi

-- Some tornadoes are loud, and some are quite. It depends on the objects it hits/carries

-- The deadliest Tornado happened in 1925. It swept through three states and killed 689 people, and injured 2,000

-- Tornadoes is from the Spanish word, tronada, meaning thunderstorm

-- Dakota, Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas make up Tornado alley, where tornadoes strike regularly in the spring and early summer

-- Destroy large buildings, uproot trees, flip trucks, and drive a straw into a tree.

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