April 20, 1862
Hi I'm Jauaris Jamar Jauarison Lamar Jr.. I'm 57
and part of the confederacy.
I was born and raised in Kentucky. I live with my wife Hariet Tubman. My grandpa is stationed in Gettysburg.

April 21, 1863

2am: wake up and brush teeth

4am: read book

8am: take a shower

11am: eat breakfast

1pm: eat lunch

5pm: eat dinner

9pm: feed animals

11pm: go to sleep

I helped feed animals today. I fed the poor today.

day 2

april 22 1863

Dear loved one that has been in battle. I believe your name is Dequan. I cant remember because you have been gone so long. The newspaper said "South wins first battle". It was scary because i thought they might  win the war .

april 23 1863

1am: wake up and mow grass

4am: feed animals

7am: mail cards to soldiers who fought for us

11am: eat breakfast and clean house

3pm: eat lunch and wash clothes

5pm: eat dinner and buy a new horse

9pm: pick up mother from bingo

11pm: make bed and go to sleep

april 24 1863

We recieved a letter from the loved one at battle. It just talked about how the war was terrible and he hated it. We were very shocked to recieve this letter. We thought he was dead. apparently he was fighting in Gettysburg.

april 25 1863

     So today President Lincoln was assassinated. This is devastating news. He was a great leader and president. He will be missed very much.

     The newspaper says that he was watching a play and someone was in the theater and they shot him in the head. It was a southerner most likely because Abe banned slavery and the south didnt like that at all.

     I feel like in the future there will be a memorial of him because he is so great. If there is a memorial of him I think it would look best if he was sitting in a giant chair or something. And if the entire statue was all white. Maybe one day there will be a speech held by a black man that people call a king. And maybe his speech will be called the "I have a dream" speech and it wll be famous. It probably wont happen but oh well.

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