My Cup of Tea


I'd like to imagine that a flavor of tea could reflect a mood. Like that of a mood ring, except that you get to choose your mood. While a mood ring is supposedly going to give you a reading of your emotions based on it's color, I think a choice of flavoring can tell you a whole hell-of-a-lot about what you're feeling at the moment. Now, while this may come off as a whole bunch of mumbo jumbo, it's something that I see as a reoccurring factor in the process of making any decision. From the clothing you don, to the food you bite on, it seems to usually be a mood based decision. Something you can come to interpret from a frequent emotion you receive. If I pick a certain tea, I'd like to think I have this sort of cognizant based knowledge of my current disposition. Not only from past experience, but just based on why I choose a particular flavor to punch. I want a basic leaf mint green tea because I'm feeling fresh.  I add milk and honey for being sleepy and drink jasmine when I'm radically awake . Ginger tea helps clear up brain fog and confusion. Some tea makes me dance. So with that I come to the conclusion that drinking tea not only can stem from a mood but exalt one too.