Boone's Lick

Boone's Lick by Larry McMurty is a book that I highly recommend to anyone who can read. The story starts its journey off in the little town of Boone's Lick, Missouri. Set in the 1800's, it is a story about a family who sets out to find their Pa. Mary Margaret, the mother of the family, is dead set on finding her husband Dick Cecil. He has a hauling business that he is gone all year taking care of. He shows up for a day or two a year, then leaves his family behind. Mary is tired of it. She packs up her whole family and they head out west. The story is narrated by Shay, the oldest of the boys. His siblings G.T., Neva, and baby Marcy are on the journey as well. So are his uncle Seth Cecil, Grandpa Crackenthourpe, and Mary's half-sister Rosie. They travel across the untamed west to Fort Phil Kearny in Wyoming. They encounter grizzly bears, savage Indians, and many other problems along the way. When they finally reach the fort their Pa is at, they figure out that he has three Indian families at different forts. Mary slaps Dick across the face and say that she is "quitting him". The next day, Dick takes his boys out to cut wood and they witness Sioux and Cheyenne Indians ambush and kill eighty of the Army's cavalry. The  

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