My Favorite Musician

By: Courtney LaShae Nix

Carrie Marie Underwood was the winner of the the fourth annual American Idol in 2005. She was inducted into The Grand Ole Opry in 2008 and The Oklahoma Music Hall of fame in 2009. Her debut album called Some Hearts that was released in 2005, the album featured "Before He Cheats" and "Jesus Take Wheel", which where two big hit singles. She released her second album called Carnival Ride in 2007, the singles "Last Name" and "I Told You So" received Grammy Awards. In 2009 She Released her album Play On and in  2012 she released Blown Away. They where both there years second best-selling release by a female artist. She's received many special awards and recognition's.  The reason I like Carrie is because she's a great singer and absolutely flawless. I've also never heard anything bad about her on social medial or anywhere else. She's a great Christian lady and a great role model for all ages.

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