My trip in Irland !!

This is the story of my amazing trip in Irland !

A picture of Mrs Silver ;)

FIRST  & second days :
Thursday 26th and friday 27th MARCH

The 26 march all began. We took the bus at 11h30 (ok, 11h45 because Intissar is ALWAYS late !!). 8 hours after we took the boat for 18 hours. The boat was one of my favourite moment of the trip, we play "cache-cache" and I discovered that Leanne and I are very good at that. We slept on the boat... It was cool, one of the best night I've ever had.

We arrived on the family friday night. I had a really cute family!!

Third day:
saturday 28th march

First, on saturday morning we saw sea lions ( very strange o_O) then on the end of the morning we went to a museum, quite interesting ! After that we had some free time to eat and to visit the shopping street of Dublin! Finally we went to gaellic games all the after noon and, at the end of the after noon we came back at family's home.

At night we had an irish party it was great but... complicate!! :D

Fourth day:
Sunday 29TH march

On sunday we went for hiking but it was raining... :( but they were beautiful landscape!!!

At the night all of the group except some people gathered on the beach to having fun, it was great !! And I went to bathe !! :D

fifth day:
monday 30TH march

On monday we went to a farm, it was a very good moment of the trip: we danced (again, yes we are very sporty ;) ), we cooked some bread, we painted on the wall (and on the face of somebody ) and we sang on the tractor!

At night we again gathered on the beach and I went to bathe again !

sixth and seventh days:
tuesday 31th march and wednesday 1st april

On tuesday we said good bye to our family and we jumped on the bus to Dublin and we spent all the day on Dubli, it was very nice ! and after that we came bach at Lille on wednesday after noon !

My favourite moment !

There are a lot of good moment that I've got in minds but my favourite is on the gaelic football, we've had a lot of fun during this activity. We've made a strategy call the "eagle position" with Intissar, Gaƫlle, Violette and Jeanne. It was a nice moment.


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