It's Time

Nicholas A.

It's time.The warm exhausting heat has left and now it is brisk and frigid. The icy frost on the earth transforms the ground into a chrystalized diamond field. When I
step outside, the ground will act as a wet mop and it will dampen my shoes. Now that the temperature decreases,the lively green trees become a dull pattern of red, orange, some green and brown colors. As the trees change textures, the leaves descend to the earth like tired birds. As the leaves fall off the trees, it means it is time for me to rake, and make a wonderful, thrilling leaf pile. But as the leaves fall away, the trees, become bare pieces of bark.

Now as time goes by, the days decrease time. Although, at the same time, the days will get longer. But when it is time for my birthday we will enjoy the excitement. So now that the outdoors are not any entertainment any more it is time to have fun with indoor entertainment. Now when we go inside, we see bare trees and frost.

But as the days continue, the earth becomes heaven with early snow fall. With the time flying by, it is time for a turkey feast. Now that it is too frigid outside, I will read.

It’s Time.