World Religions: Buddhism, by Jace Sohmer

Buddhism started in 563-483 B.C.E.

These monks are praying to Buddha.

Buddhism was founded by a young boy named Siddhartha Gautama.

This is a statue of the Buddha and Buddhist follow his teachings.  

Buddhism is a non theistic religion that encompasses a variety of traditions, beliefs and practices largely based on teachings attributed to Siddhartha Gautama, who is commonly known as the Buddha, meaning "the awakened one". According to Buddhist tradition, the Buddha lived and taught in the eastern part of the Indian subcontinent sometime between the 6th and 4th centuries B.C.E. He is recognized by Buddhists as an awakened or enlightened teacher who shared his insights to help sentient beings end their suffering through the elimination of ignorance and craving by way of understanding and the seeing of Dependent Origination and the Four Noble Truths, with the ultimate goal of attainment of the sublime state of Nirvana, by practicing the Noble Eight fold Path.

Buddha is not thought as a god, but merely a person who is fully enlightened, or fully aware. Any person can become a Buddha by becoming enlightened. The concept of god or gods, as  

This is one of the most holy places to pray to Buddha; it name is Mahabodhi temple.

  1. The sacred book of Buddhism is called the Tipitaka. It is written in an ancient Indian language called Pali which is very close to the language that the Buddha himself spoke. The Tripitaka is a very large book. The English translation of it takes up nearly forty volumes.

These are just a few of the Buddhist symbols.  

Buddhist worship in many different places or temples like the Sputa.


Makha Bucha


Asalha Puja Day

Kathina Ceremony

Sanghamitta Day

This is where Buddhism started.

Buddhism is a interesting religion. Buddhism interest me because it speaks of the Four Noble Truths, 1) there is suffering in the world. 2) Suffering is caused by human carvings and desires. 3) Suffering can be stopped by stopping desires. 4) This can be done by following the eight fold path. The eight fold path involves development of both thoughts and actions. Buddhist don't really believe in a god but merely a Buddha or Enlightened One. The most common use symbol of the Buddhas is Buddha himself.       

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