Tom go's to school

Tom go's to school

Tom Go’s To School ☻

One day Tom was walking to school and then he halted to feel the crisp air. He seized to a stop to listen to the birds chirping, he gazed at the falling leaves. He finally got to school, he and his classmates created clay leaves with their names on theme!

During lunch, he noticed that they had pumpkin pie, orange leaves, on the counter and turkey bites (his favorite!).

During recess he noticed they had a new tag game, one person is a pilgrim (tom) the other are turkeys (his class) whoever got eaten (tagged) they would turn into a pilgrim and try to eat (tag) them ( ext.).

During recess he noticed they had a new tag game! ☻one person is the pilgrim the other people are turkeys and once one turkey I caught they turn into a pilgrim

During dismal, everyone went home. When tom got home his family was carving pumpkins and getting there costume ready (tom was a ninja) his mom was out getting candy. Tomorrow their throwing a party … a HALLOWEEN PARTY. Everyone was invited

When the party was over and everyone went home and the party was over he went trick-or-treating with his brother (his sensay) he went to every single house he could find (with the light on)!!!When he was done trick-or-treating he counted his candy .He had 25 lollypops, 31 sour balls, and 17 chocolate bars. He ate 15 sour balls, 17 lollypops and 3 chocolate bars. He had a huge stomach ache(he fell asleep in 3.6 seconds flat)

That’s how tom spent his day (and night) in his favorite season