This is a flag of Paraguay

Basic Facts

Population about 6.3 million

National Language: Spanish and Paraguayan Guarani

Capital City: Asunción

Type of Money: Guarani

Two Neighboring Countries: Argentina from the south and southwest and Brazil East and northeast also it is close by Uruguay.

This is a  Map of Paraguay

Asuncion is Paraguay Capital city. Also it is by Brazil,Argentina,and Bolivia

some of the city in Paraguay is Capitán Pablo Lagernza,San Perdro,Concepción, Salto del Guaira,Villeta.

This is a picutre of Encarnacion.​
This is a picutre of Asucion.
This is a Picutre of Ciudad Del Este

Some of the famous places is Encarnacion, Asucion,And Ciudad Del Este

Local Expressions

  • estoy kaigue – I am lazy, I don’t feel like doing anything
  • garufa – party
  • “Ani kena” – please don’t do that

A popular food in Paraguay is Quesú Paraguái

Queso Paraguayo, this is typical cheese made by rural artisans.

Puchero - a traditional stew made with meat, vegetables like carrot, pumpkin/squash and onions



climate in Paraguay is  humid and it has a quantity of  precipitation throughout the year.

the geography is flat alluvial plain.

On may 15, is independence day in Paraguay. All over the country celebrations it. They have parades,fireworks,and concerts,but in different part of the country they celebrate it differently. For example in Campo area people celebrate the event with family and friends. They have barbecues play football and have fun with loud music. At the larger cities and towns have parades are staged. people also indulge in traditional Paraguayan food such as sopa Paraguayan and corn

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