A Word on Writing Mechanics

Acronyms can be ok

but sometimes something gets lost in translation!

From Digital Marketer Scott MacFarland via Huffington Post **edited for length

1. Not using hashtags
2. Trying to squeeze too much in one post
3. Misspellings
4. Too many acronyms that users don't understand
6. Writing a post without knowing your specific audience
7. Not understand your goal for writing a post
8. Not posting frequently enough (sorry, once a week is not good enough)
9. Using too many hash tags in one post
10. Using images and videos that are just plain ugly
11. Using curse words
12. Saying "Retweet" too much
13. Over-posting so that your audience just doesn't pay attention any longer
14. Being overwhelmed - no rhyme or reason as to what you are sharing
15. No up-front planning
16. No content strategy and goals
17. Failure to understand that social media is a lot more than just a "blast my
message out" channel.
18. Keywords are not even thought about
19. Failing to engage in a dialogue when your posts are getting responses
20. Copying content from other posts and not creating original conteny