Looking Back, Moving Forward

Looking Back:  My eighth grade year has brought many exciting times, yet also several times that have made me worried for the times ahead of me.  I was very worried when I took my high school acceptances tests.  I waited in anticipation to open my  high school letters, wondering where I would end up.  These times were very stressful but the good times at Saint Clare helped me to forget the bad.  This year at Saint Clare I have participated in the eighth grade Christmas pageant, gone to my eighth grade picnic, received acceptance to high school with a scholarship.

Moving Forward:  I am very close to being in high school, but my years at Saint Clare have not quite come to an end.  I still have my Wicked trip to look forward to, but more importantly I have Graduation approaching.  I am so excited to receive my final report card and diploma.  Once I finish my years at Saint Clare, I will move on to high school.  I am very excited  to change schools and start becoming more independent.

Throughout my eighth grade years I have enjoyed fun times with my friends.

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