Hydroplane Boats

By: Oscar Puente

What Is a Hydroplane Boat?

Would you like to travel at a speed of more than 200 mph? A Hydroplane boat is a boat use for racing. There are two types of hydroplane boats. One of the types is Unlimited boat. The second type of hydroplane boats is Unlimited Light. Unlimited Light boats are smaller than Unlimited hydroplane boats. They are designed to cruise above the water at high speed. Hydroplane boats have a flat bottom. The boats are powered by a turbine engines that powered helicopters and they run on Jet-A fuel.

Do you think the boats should have a different type of enggens?

Miss Budweiser is a very famous Unlimited hydroplane boat it has won many championships.

Many things can go wrong in a hydroplane boat race.

If the boat's speed is too high the boat can flip. This is a blow over. They happen all the time when racing hydroplane boats. If the driver crashes or over does a blow over he/she can get serious injerius. When the driver crashes his team gets disqualify from that race.

Do you think hydroplane boats should not be that fast so they wouldn't crash?

What happens when a hydroplane crashes in a race?

This hydroplane was going to fast because of that the hydroplane did a blow over and the driver got disqualify from the race.

Hydroplanes History

The first hydroplane boat was made by Emmanuel Swedenborg in the year 1716. HIs boat could be slightly raised, one person would be paddling with two oars powering the boat. Faster boats came along with the time.When the jet engine was in 1930 made boats were much faster then. One of the big champions of Unlimited hydroplane racing is Miss Budweiser.This boat is the only one that has won 13 championships.

Unlimited vs Unlimited Light

Unlimited hydroplane boats are very alike but there are many things that they don't share.One of the things that Unlimited Boats have is that they are bigger than Unlimited Light boats.Another very important thing about Unlimited version is the price that you have to pay to build a Unlimited hydroplane boat.The price is very big on Unlimited version.The engine is a big difference to the Unlimited can have up to 3,000 HP.The price for a Unlimited is more than $700,000 to build one of this boats. Compare to a Unlimited Lights the price is $200,000 to build. There is a big difference in this two boats. People buy Unlimited lights more than Unlimited because of the big price defference.

Ways that designers make them faster.

The size of the boat and the body shape affects the speed of the boats. This could make it be faster or make it be slower. The main body of a hydroplane is the hull. This part of the boat can be made of wood, fiberglass, carbon fiber o aluminum. These type of material is very strong and also lightweight. Designers build the boats of this material because the less weight it has and the lightweight material can make it go faster.

Whats one thing that you think could make this type of boats go faster?

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Another of the things that halp me a lot to get my information is the book, Hydroplane boats by Jeff Savage.

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