Discovery September 2015 Meeting

Check out this video to understand the main focus areas for CCS this year.

If you have not already viewed this video at your payroll school, please do so.

Review the following questions concerning parental involvement for AIG Local Plan Revision. We will be discussing them during our meeting.

1. Go to the Local Plan   Focus on pages 57-59.

  • 2.  Is there anything that stands out that we haven’t completed in this Local Plan for your assigned standard? What areas still need improvement?
  • 3.  Parent Committees – School Level – What should it be called
    • a. Who to invite? All? Certain grade levels?
    • b. Topics to discuss? (curriculum based, game night, basic understanding of program, social emotional). Parent surveys to ask for topics they want discuss?
    • c. Should all schools do the same or left up to choice? Leadership provides topics at grade levels?
    • d. How often? Three times a year, more/less?
    • e. Times? After school, PTA meeting, curriculum night, etc.
    • f. AIG Teachers report out parent concerns/ suggestions – We could use these for the Local Plan. How will this look? A form?
    • g.  List any other concerns/thoughts/changes in the area of parental involvement.

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