Hacking and Hackers


Hacking has been around for more than 20 years. This tech weapon, or life saver, has been used for many reasons. Some believe its wrong some believe it brings justice to online criminals.

My position

I believe that if hacking is used for justice or a good cause, that it is more than good, its great. This has evolved us into what we are to this day. Hacking is not a weapon, its a lifestyle, and you can choose yourself whether you think its right or wrong.


•Less worries about online theft.

Online criminals are less tempted to steal from you online.

•More online protection.

People are more safe online, and are less commonly attacked online because of new security which is harder to breach.

•More vigilantes.

Vigilantes help the police find criminals by tracking their i.p. address, and cops capture criminals faster.


•Privacy violations

Online criminals are always breaking privacy rules, because they think it terrorizes the person being watched.


Fraud is mostly done over craigslist using Paypal password breaching. This makes it easier for the hacker to take your banking info.

•Online threats

Threats done online are mostly for money, they tell someone to give them so much money or the will kill them or somebody close to them.


The following video shows how to create a good, and strong password, so that hackers can't breach your accounts so easily.

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