Syria's Water Case Study

Part One: Introduction to Syria's Problems

Syria has a big problem. Syria needs more water. It needs more water for three main reasons. The first reason is to supply Syria's growing population and economy. The second reason is to help Syria's industry improve and grow bigger so Syria can grow their industry to make more impacts on the people and on how much Syria can impact and improve their econemy. The third reason is for domestic use of water. Domestic use of water is like drinking everyday water out of a cup or taking a shower. If Syria can get more domestic water than Syria can improve their way of life because people could get more drinking water and more water to use for stuff to make people want to move to Syria. That could help create a better econemy by making more people move to Syria means more people and more jobs. Also having more water for the industry so that more people will want to work their so Syria can create more jobs.

Part Two: Problem One-Population

Population is a big factor in everything, but it is especially important in deciding how much water everybody needs. Syria has the smallest population according to the graph down below.

Turkey obviously needs the most water and then Iraq. That leaves Syria with least. Syria can be okay with getting the least amount of water compared to the other two countries, but will still need a lot more than it has right now. Syria's population is steadily increasing so the water coming in must be steadily increasing. It does not have to be an overload, but it has to at least be enough to split it with the people and for all of the other things it is used for like domestic use and for the industries.

Part Three: Problems Two and Three- Domestic Use and Industries

For these problems it will be a tough argument to win. First of all if you look at the graph down below it shows how much lower percentage of water is given to domestic use and for the industries.

The water withdrawal for industry and for domestic use is so much lower than the water withdrawal for agriculture. I understand that Syria needs a lot of water for farming, but they will need to either split the water up more evenly and add water to all three sections or Syria will need to only add water to their industries and domestic water usage. This is all if Syria gets more water.

Part Four: Comparing Populations

The chart that is shown down below shows the countries populations through 1995 to 2050. As you can see Turkey consistantly has the greater population but also has a bigger parts of both of rivers as you can see in the second picture. Iraq also has a population spike in between 2030 and 2050. They will probably need to give up some of their part of the river to Syria since they have the most out of everybody. Syria has the least amount of population and also the least amount of the Euphrates river. Syria does not even have a part of the Tigris river. Syria needs more water than it has on its land and I know that Iraq does not need anymore water than they already have.

Part Five: Conclusion

In conclusion Syria has the least population and the least available water. Syria has more water for agriculture than any thing else and needs more water for domestic use and for its industries. Syria's population is steadily increasing while it is not getting enough water to supply the growing population. Syria needs more water than it has, but not more than the other countries. Syria will need more water.

By: Jackson Elias Zander 7-6

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