My Future

Starts with "R"

In My Hands

Under My Feet

1.) What actions did you run on your photos?

My Future: A Little Lomo and Sharpen.

Starts with "R": Day Dream and Sharpen.

In My Hands: Porcelain and Sharpen.

Under My Feet: Adrenaline and Sharpen.

2.) Why did you run these actions?

My Future: I thought the sunrise would pop out more if the tress and bottom half of the picture were darker.

Starts with "R": I wanted it to look relaxing and welcoming.

In My Hands: I wanted the flower to pop.

Under My Feet: I wanted it to look scary looking.

3.) Which is your favorite photo? WHY

My Future, because I don't know where I am going but I know I am going somewhere. And I think this picture portrays that.

4.) Which is your least favorite photo? WHY

Under My Feet, because I felt like I could of done better on the editing part.

Under My Feet