Henry Hudson: His Journey

By: Kellen Zeng Class: 4-407

His Famous Discovery

        Henry Hudson's famous discovery is the Hudson River. He traveled during the 1610 to 1611 to find the Hudson River. Back then the river was not called the Hudson River it was called the Hudson Bay.However this was not what he wanted his famous discovery to be.He was looking for something else some how he ended up on the Hudson Bay.

When did he sail and where did he sail for

     He started to sail during 1607.During that time he wanted to find a Northwest passage to Asia.When it was the year 1610-1611 he had found the Hudson Bay. It was not a great discovery for Hudson though because it was not wanted to see. He want to see something explorers didn't find yet. He was upset ,but during 1610-1611 he was never found again.

What was Henry Hudson's route

       This is Henry Hudson's route. It shows his first and second voyage. On the red line he traveled to North America. The red line is his first voyage. The blue line is his second voyage. He traveled on a boat with several crew members to places around the globe.