the branch of biology that deals with the relations of organisms to one another and to their physical surroundings.

Gastropods (snails) are able to adapt to a variety of living conditions and they don’t require large amounts of food. They have been able to continually evolve to survive the conditions around them which many researchers find to be very fascinating.

individual -

a single thing  being as distinct from a group


a particular section, group, or type of people or animals living in an area or country

commensalism-is harder to demonstrate than parasitism and mutualism, for it is easier to show a single instance whereby the host is affected, than it is to prove or disprove

mutualism -a relationship in which both species benefit

Parasitism- relationship where one of the species harms or kills the other one

Community - a social group of any size whose members reside in a specific locality

a biological community of interacting organisms and their physical environment

they need them both because the nutrient comes from dead things that living things need and the supply of food for the plants.

POTISTA - it is eukaryotic-unicellular-multicellur
FUNGI-eukaryotic-non-vascular-and it breakdown things
ANIMAL-living - heterotroph-multicelluar
the wolf is the consumer it eats the deer. the fox is heterotroph.
The hawk is a consumer and it is heterotroph .it eats everything in the web.

heterotroph means -

an organism deriving its nutritional requirements from complex organic substances


any green plant or any of various microorganisms that can convert light energy or chemical energy into organic matter


a animal or thing that eats or uses something


an organism, especially a soil bacterium, fungus, or invertebrate, that decomposes organic material.

kangaroo lives under rock and keep babies there.
the shark lives under water to breath and to eat.
the worm uses the soil to live and hide from prey.

They need there environments for hiding, eating, living, and keeping babies. They need these environments because they will not live with out them.

The headline that has the (#) mark. is the information I got from Wikipedia.

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