Happy Birthday Shayna Bane!

Or is it Shana? ...

Finally! ...You're a super-hero.

Well, you did it. A quarter of a frickin century! That should get you a medal or a chalice ... at the very least a ribbon with a giant button in the middle of it.

As a 25+ year older myself, I have a lot I can offer you – for starters: a well-deserved Congratulations is in order on the loads of driving talent you received from your insurance company today. That should be a healthy quarterly savings now that you're 25. With so much extra money you could buy your boyfriend all kinds of Root Beer (or real beer, he likes both).

Nextly, I can tell you that no matter how old you are it's always cool to celebrate a Birthday Week & this is how yours started in 2014:

Pims #1 Cup at Bac Bistro

Your final week in your "early 20s" started at one of your favorite restaurants. Yup... life after 25 is usually at it's best with a good meal & a good beverage. And lucky for you, good company.

(On a side note: this is a pretty nice color palette on this Tackk, isn't it?)

Time for some lightning tips on life after your first 1/4 century:

  • Bread's bad for you now, apparently.
  • You're gonna start to grow fond of pudding pretty soon.
  • Try turning your music down a notch or two... it's nice, right?
  • Always wear your sun screen.
  • It may not seem possible now but sometime in the next 4-10 years Bob Evans will become an acceptable breakfast choice.
  • That bright yellow car will become a larger gray car (wait... check that one off the list!)

I can only recall one more tip: Write stuff down. Mostly because you're going to start forgetting stuff at an alarming rate (hence why I can't remember any more tips than this even after 6 years of being 25+).

Okay... now to let's get to the weekend of Birthday Week...

A Birthday Dinner at El Carnicero!?

Heck yeah...

Mmm.. Orange Sesame Habanero Guacamole.
Mexican wrestlers, back models & so much more!

Final lesson (that it seems you have down):

You're never too old to be fancy
...In fact 25-34 are your prime years for being fancy

As proof: Your Clementine Marmalade & Salami

This is the first fancy thing you made as a 25-year old... And it's pretty dang fancy.
Photo source: http://instagram.com/p/jAeedkNg56/

Happy Birthday!
p.s. you're the best!
p.p.s. open your last present already!

WHAT... There's More!?

Uh uh, honey:

It's the freekin weeken & we're bout to have us some fun...