Immigration Gone Wrong!

(A Historical Fiction Story)

By: Juli D.

May 31, 1912

Today the titanic sailed off to America. My mom was on that ship. I had turned on the radio and the news was already on and there was an interesting story on, so I listened. After that story was off I was about to changed the station, but when I heard the word "Titanic". I immediately put my book down and listened. The news cast said something about the caption was having a really hard time steering the ship because their was were to many iceberg's in the water. A while after it cleared up some, but not a lot. I knew my mom was fine, so I turned the radio off and went to go play with my little brother.

Later that same day - May 31, 1912

I had played with my brother the rest of the day. He got my mind off of my mom a lot. He always complained that I worried to much, but I never listened to him. That night when everyone was sleep I crept down stairs to listen to the news because I wanted to make sure everything was good with the icebergs and the ship. I turn on the radio. All I can hear is the titanic ship hit an iceberg and is sink right now. At that moment I felt like I was about to throw-up every minute I took a breathe. I could hardly breathe. It's bad enough that I have asthma and can barely breathe by myself. I slung myself into to my bed, worried if my mother had survived.

April 1, 1912

Today I stayed in bed. I brought the family radio and a few snacks in my room, but I never left my room, although I let my brothers and special dad come in. The radio was on all day. I tried to contact the captain through the radio no one could get in touch with me. I knew my  mom was dead I just had to know for sure. There was a knock on my door

" Come in "

" Hey sissy, I was just seeing how you were doing," my tiny little brother said.

" I'm fine," I indicated sadly.

" Do you know when mommy is coming home, I miss her," when my little brother spoke softly.

I waited to say something I was so afraid the my little brother wasn't going to have a mom anymore, I want more for him, but I had to tell him the truth or it would hurt him even more. I brought him into my bed and said gently.

I wanted to sugar coated a little bit of the story. He didn't deserve to feel the way I did. I told him,

" Mommy went to see if there was a better life for us, but on the way there... mommy caption hit iceberg and the boat sunk. Mommy is now in a better place!"  

" Will mom be back?" I was hoping he wasn't going to say that, but he did!"

" No mommy will never be back. She is... Gone!"

" Well, she will be back," said by my little brother!

Okay Jackson mommy will be back. I tried to tell him that mommy wouldn't be coming back,  but he always said that she would be.

April 7, 1912- a week later

It's summer now and my family and I moved into a bigger house because my dad got remarried because the government was going to kick us out of our house if we didn't have a stay at home mom. The government was down right unfair. My dad remarried a nice lady she was 40 years old and had this lovely smile, she doesn't have any characteristics of my mom, but I guess she will have to do. We are doing better since the accident, but everyday I get better. Hopefully I get to see my mom soon.

This video is the trailer for the movie titanic sinking.

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