Casinos on Reservations.'

What are the social impacts on the reservations? What are the environmental impacts on the reservations? Do the casinos help or hurt the reservations? What do the people living on the reservations think and feel?

The San Carlos Apache Tribe in Arizona, has a hotel, golf, and gambling resort on the reservation. The plaque outside the casino claims that the establishment has helped enable the tribe to give better quality of life to the tribal members. There are many Apache tribe families still stay crowded in apartments and small homes. The introduced the casinos on the land to attempt to help out the financial stability and improved unemployment rates but they get nothing in return and things don’t improve. The poverty rate increases from the economic impact of the casino. The residents are not to happy about the casinos on their property.

How can we fix this problem?

We can fix the poverty by suggesting that the bring in more job opportunities or take a chance and move off the reservation to find jobs. We can also get better education for the children on the reservation that helps improve the chance of them getting jobs when they get older.

Plan to put this in action?

They can begin to fund money to improve the chances of a greater education.

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