Gliding Joint

                                   By Elijah Stevens, Saxon Russell, Blayne Hart

1.What specific type of joint is it?

The Gliding/Plane Synovial joint

2. What are the articulating bones that make up this Joint?

Found where bones meet as flat surfaces:

In between Vertebrae, Wrists, and ankles

3. What types of movement does the joint allow?

A Synovial joint in which articulation of contiguous bones allow only gliding movements, as in the wrist and the ankle. Bones slide against each other in a simple and limited way.

4.What muscles are involved with this joint?

It uses most forearm muscles Flexor Carpi Radials, Prontar Teres, Extensor Carpi Radials Longus, and Brachioradials

5.What are the specific ligaments involved with this joint?

Scaph olunate,  lunatotriquatrel, and carples.

6.Examples of common motions involved with this joint.

Examples of a gliding joint are ankles and wrists it essentially uses all muscles near/ connected to them when you spin your wrist or your ankle and feel all of the muscles around the area flex those are the muscles that are being use and the ligaments that connect them are the ligaments being used to hold the wrist/ankle onto the body.

7. What degenerative disorders, injuries and infectious processes commonly affect this joint?

Disorders: Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis

Infectious processes: Septic arthritis

Injury: Sprain

8.What are common surgeries performed on this joint?

Arthroscope is a surgery that can repair or replace ligaments and can remove or reshape cartilages.

9. What are several interesting facts about this joint?

There are gliding joints in the wrist, ankle, and spine, we use the gliding joint every day.

Joint Being Used:

Anatomy and action of the Gliding joint.

Pathology that commonly affect this joint

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