United Kingdom

Physical Characteristics  

The United Kingdom is made up of highlands and lowlands formed by the last Ice Age, causing the highlands to be made up of summits and rocky lands. But on the lowlands, the Ice Age left amounts of clay, sand, gravel, and a lot of other material.

Blocks of old rock, that rarely rise to about 2,000 feet above sea level that makes up most of the highlands.   The highest and the bumpiest part of the UK are the Grampian Mountains, and the Ben Nevis, reaching 4,406 feet is the UK's highest mountain.

The UK is also made up of rolling flat lands, and some coastal areas.

Latitude and Longitude and Other Stuff

  • The Latitude and Longitude of the United Kingdom is 51.5000° N, 0.1167° W
  • The London Eye is the largest wheel in the world, and it takes about a 30 minute rotation
  • The Windsor Castle is the largest castle in the world
  • England is 74 times smaller than the United States Of America
  • Every day, United Kingdom people drink 165 million types of tea!
  • About 20% of the people are born outside the country
  • Eating mice pies on Christmas Day is illegal
  • Britain has a cheese rolling competition! It's where you roll a cheese down a hill!(The winner gets the cheese!)  
  • If someone knocks on your door in Scotland and needs to use the toilet, you are bound by law to let them enter.  

United Kingdom History Timeline

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The United Kingdom's Latitude and Longitude is 51.5000° N, 0.1167° W


The United Kingdom's official language is English, but they all have a heavy British accent.  

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