What Families Experienced in the Concentration Camps

By:Caston Garland

They felt alone because they didn't think would see their family members again. Some use their family as a way to keep them going though the concentration camps. Family were split up by age, female or male, children or adult, and baby and pregnant women. They all look the same they thought they were not different from one to the other. Family would hope to live to just see their family members one more time they missed them so much that so would give up on hope and kill themselves.

Interesting Facts

1.Family like the Anne Frank family went into hiding to not get caught by the Nazi.

2.People that were caught helping Jewish hide for Nazi were killed for helping them.

3.People would try to hide a picture of their love one so that it would give them hope to get through it.

4.Anne sister was picked to go to the concentration camps,but they went into hiding before they got her.

5.Some the only way they got through it was that they wanted to see their family members just one more time.

6.Leslie Schwartz survived by a women throwing bread over the fences everyday.

7.Leslie Schwartz also survived because of his brothers friends telling him to get in the line that was for older kids or young adults.

8.Prisoner with a higher social status had better jobs.

9.Many of the very young, the old and the sick would die because of the inhumane condition during the journey.

10.So kid and young people deal with the hardship by joining a youth group.


January 30, 1933

President Hindenburg appoints Adolf Hitler Chanceller of Germany.

April 1, 1933

Boycott of Jewish-owned shops and businesses in Germany.

September 15, 1933

Nuremberg Race Laws.

March 16, 1935

Germany introduces military conscription.

September 1, 1939

Germany invades Poland, starting World War 2.

July 10, 1940

Battle of Britain begins.

July 6,1941

Einsatzgruppen shoot nearly 30,000 Jews at the Seventh Fort,

December 7,1941

Japan bombs Pearl Harbor

January 16, 1942

Germany started mas deportation of more than 65,00 jews.

April 19,1943

Warsaw ghetto uprising begins.

January 18, 1945

Death march of nearly 50,000 prisoners were in it.

April 30, 1945

Adolf Hitler commits suicide.

People Involved

Anne Frank and her  family

Were split up lucky she was in the same camp as her sister. In her dairy she wrote how it felt to be in the holocaust.

Adolf Hitler

He was the one that started the holocaust. Just because he didn't like Jews since what happen to him when he was younger.

Esther Stermer

Lived in that village where she hid six children , but finally Nazi found them in late 1941.

Jack from Greece

Was helping people stay calm while they were on the trains, but he was a wreck in side wishing to be with his parents now.

Moshe from Hungary

Was being transported to the deaf camp, but she escaped and didn't die at the deaf camp.


Hero is Leslie Schwartz for what his family and friends did and how he survived. Schwartz and his family was removed from their home in Hungary to Auschwitz in 1944 to concentration camps. He was the only one to survive. When it was his turn Josef Mengele asked me, "He old are you?" He was really fourteen, but he said seventeen.  His two uncles that live in Los Angeles in the United States told him to forget what happened to him.

Why is it important for people to know about my topic? What should people remember about your topic?

That they had were not treated in the holocaust they were treated worst then your dog or cat. How they sneak picture or other family things so they would have hope of seeing them again. Some people try to get out of the camps to find their family was at. Most people die because they gave up on hope of getting out of the camps. Prisoners in the ghettos would hide families that had small children.   


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