Internet Safty

Created by: Lauren Hauser

How to be safe online

Online can be a dangerous place if you don't know what is safe to do and what is  not!

1. Never share your password! If your friend asks you for your password, then you need to tell them no because it's not safe. That friend could share your password to other people and that would not be good.

2. Once you posting thing or send anything then its on the internet forever. You can delete it but people can still find out about it.

3. Don't use your name, age, or year for any of your usernames. People could then tell if your a boy or a girl, or how old you are or where you live.  Ex: Soccer_Dude, Brookyln_Girl_1998, lhauser.

4. Don't share personal information online. Don't tell people your name, age, if your a girl or a boy, and where you live.

5. ALWAYS tell a parent when you are on a social network or chat room. If someone is being mean to you need to tell a parent and make sure with parent permission that you can block that person.

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