6 Traits of Writing

By C.Cobos


The first trait is idea. Idea is getting to know and planning what to do.

A light bulb represents idea ,because it's like your brain turning on.


The second trait is organization it is knowing the order of what is going to happen and h

Something like this graphic organizer can help with organize.


Voice is expressing you're own opinion about your subject that you put in the story.

Think of it this way the way you express yourself is personal like a fingerprint

Word Choice

Your word choice has to do with how interesting your story is. Word choice can help you show an image in the readers mind. Lets say your story is a storm you'd want lightning in it wouldn't you lets say lightning is good word choice.

Sentence Fluency

This is the rhythm or flow of your story. Think of it as a water flow you'd want it to flow a certain way.


Conventions are your spelling, grammar, punctuation, and paragraphing. Think of it this way conventions are your business you want it to be the best it can be.

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