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Salmonella Is a Bacteria That Occurs Mainly In The Intestines.

Everyone Can Be at Risk of Receiving The Bacteria, If you Don't Wash Your Hands, Cook Meat Completely, Contaminate Other Foods, You Could Get Salmonella.

The Main Source Of Salmonella Is Raw Meat, Contaminated Food, Certain Reptiles, Amphibians, and Birds.  Consuming Food or Anything That Is Contaminated With The Bacteria Can Give a Person Salmonella, as well as Handling animals That may Carry the Disease, and not washing their hands afterwards.

The Incubation period usually lasts between four and seven days.  Symptoms of Salmonella May include Diarrhea, Headaches, abdominal cramps, Fever, and vomiting.

The Bacteria itself is not extremely dangerous, for it burns itself out so to speak. The symptoms and bacteria go away on their own. However, for infants and elderly whose immune system is not as efficient, the salmonella could cause more serious problems like dehydration, and more.

The BEST way to prevent this illness is to wash your hands regularly and be extremely careful and clean when dealing with raw chicken, eggs, Poultry, spices and nuts. Also, be very careful not to cross contaminate and be very sure to cook your food thoroughly.

Information about salmonella

This shows the different possible ways to get salmonella. Other may include animals.
Chicken Is one of the most thought of source of salmonella, but There are MANY sources.

Salmonella outbreak video

Food poisoning is serious, Stay clean, Stay careful, and Remain cautious to prevent salmonella poisoning.
Playing with animals that may carry salmonella, then forgetting to wash your hands before you eat can give you salmonella.
Contamination is Easy, and people don't realize how much they are contaminating when they think they are being careful.

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