Vanity Cabinets - The Various Types

Sprucing up the bathroom can mean installation of hand railing at strategic points and vanity cabinets, which are both space saving and aesthetically beautiful. You can dictate the appearance of the room with the use of vanity. There is something for modern, traditional and a mixture of the two so you can make your choices without any problems.

Space measurement is the first step

Naturally, when you are choosing a vanity cabinet for your bathroom, the first thing to consider is how much space you have. When doing that, it is a benefit to leave adequate room for trim and all openings related to the entry and a shower. Of course, it shouldn't be so large that it cuts off traffic flow to your bathroom completely. Also, when making your purchase, do keep in mind the number of existing structures in that room. This includes outlets, mirrors, and electrical switches among others. Plumbing location is an important point to mark before the final decision. Moving it however is going to increase the overall costs so you can take the location of the plumbing to select the width of the vanity you have in mind.

What are the different available styles?

There are two main styles associated with bathroom vanity cabinets. This includes:

  • Built-in vanities
  • Freestanding vanities

If you have a small space naturally, the freestanding variety is your ideal choice. In large spaces, you can always consider built-in options with adequate storage and countertop space. Also, those who want can go for models that come minus the top. This way, you can customize this portion and as desired and make your choice of the material. Expansive material ranges are associated with the countertops that include natural stone, cultured, glass, or solid surfaces.

Main options before the buyers

If you want to have a definition for your bathroom, installation of vanity cabinets is a good idea. Some of the aspects associated with these can be as follows.

  • Finish and color: it can have a wood, glass, or metal make with finishes ranging from espresso, white, black, to mid-tone brown. Those who have an adventurous streak can choose any color that they want in keeping with their desire or interior decor needs.
  • The size: go for a single unit in small spaces and you can go for a bigger piece or maybe two units if you have a large space instead.
  • Hardware choice: beautiful bathroom cabinets no doubt are extremely important from storage point of view. Some will come with built-in drawer and existing doors but for others you may have to customize them according to your need.
  • Type of wood: this can be of various types like engineered basic wood, pines, or birch among others. Those who want can go for something more expensive like maple, oak, or Asian hardwood among other choices as well.

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