Shadow The Best Cat Ever!

By: Preston R.

What has the cutest ears, cutest eyes and is almost one year old. Shadow my adorable cat. Do you like cats? If you do you will love this story about him. Because I am going to teach you all about him.


Shadow’s eyes are the cutest eyes ever. Also his ears are also the cutest thing in the world. And also his body is so small you can hold it with one hand. He is really only about 5 pounds. His MEOW I think is the cutest ting about him because it is so quiet and adorable.

this is a picture of my cat Shadow

What They Like To Do For Fun

What my cat likes to do for fun is to play with this toy mouse that is hung up on a door and hangs down by a string. What he also likes to do for fun is a ball that has a little bell in it and he likes to roll that around. It drives my family crazy.

What They Do Not Like To o For fun

What shadow does not like to do for fun is eating out of the same bowl and time as my other cat PJ. They fight all the time when they do that. One other thing shadow does not like to do is when you get close to him and just hiss at him. He hates that.

Pet care

One thing you have to do to keep a pet healthy is you have to have to clean the litter box out every week. It smells really bad. Another thing you have to do to keep your pet healthy is you have to feed them twice a day or they will be really cranky and begging for food.


And that is all the ins and outs about my cat shadow and what I get for him and how to take care of him.