By Jeremiah Moulton

Mesopotamia means "land between two rivers." Mesopotamians broke into many cities/states but the two main ones were Babylon and Assyria. Today we know this land to be Iraq. The two main rivers that run through Mesopotamia were the Euphrates River and the Tigris River The Sumerians developed a system of writing called "Cuneiform." Sumerians were early Mesopotamians.

This is Cuneiform the ancient Sumerians created this form of writing for literature communication. The Sumerians were the first Mesopotamians.

This is a video of a song about Mesopotamia and Hammurabi's code ^ the information about Hammurabi's code after the picture below this one about the Ishtar gates. {Below}

This is the Ishtar Gates it was made in about 575 BC, King Nebuchadnezzar II ordered  the making of these outstanding gates that are up today. This was built out of glazed bricks the doors and roof were made out of cedar wood the beast were furnished  with blue and yellow bricks. ^   

This is Hammurabi's Code; which is basically there laws written in cuneiform which are engraved in this stone called obsidian. Everybody was to know these rules and if you didn't there is no excuse for saying you don't no them because you were expected to know them so you would probably get a deep punishment. The code of Hammurabi had 282 laws written in cuneiform.

Ancient  Mesopotamia

The ancient Mesopotamians were a civilized bunch of people they had kings and a government  and a system of trading with other city-states this is some information that my smart teacher and Mesopotamian websites have shared to me to give to you in my own way of saying, in other words this my conclusion.

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